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Class 1 MELT

Experience and Equivalency

MELT Class Starts 8am

Student Eligibility and Application Process

drivers must:

a). Hold a current Alberta Class 3 driver’s licence;

b). Have held an Alberta Class 3 driver’s licence or the equivalent driver’s licence from another Canadian jurisdiction for two (2) or more years; and

  • To demonstrate that they meet this criterion, drivers who gained their two year of experience with holding a Class 3 equivalent driver’s licence in another Canadian jurisdiction must provide a driver’s abstract from the other Canadian jurisdiction. 


c). Have two (2) or more years of work experience operating a single motor vehicle with three (3) or more axles.
To demonstrate that they meet this criterion, drivers must provide one of the following:
  1. A signed letter(s) from an employer that states you have a minimum of two years work experience operating a single motor vehicle with three or more axles. The letter must include the employer’s contact information.
  2. A daily log book for a two year-period that meets the requirements outlined in the Drivers’ Hours of Service Regulation or the Government of Canada’s Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations.
  3. For individuals who are self-employed - A signed letter(s) from customers or suppliers that specifies that you operate a vehicle with three or more axles to provide your service to them and have provided the service for a minimum of two years. The letter must include the customers’ or suppliers’ contact information. 
Upon submitting the required documentation,
approval from Alberta Transportation is required prior to registering into the Class 1 E&E


To apply, please submit a completed:


Experience and Equivalency
Class 1 Mandatory Entry Level
Training Application





Steps to follow

upon Approval to take Class 1 E&E MELT:

Step 1.

Applied & Approved by Alberta Transportation

To apply,
MUST BE APPROVED by Alberta Transport
Prior to Training.
Step 2.

Complete Experience and Equivalency Class 1 MELT program at F&S Safety Buzz Ltd AKA Safety Buzz Campus.

  • Experience and Equivalency Class 1 MELT program (Class 1 E&E) will take 40 hours to complete. 

    • This total does not include the Air Brake program, which is approximately 8.5 additional hours.  Air Brake Program is an additional cost.
40 Hours includes:
Classroom training: 11 hours
In-yard training: 6.5 hours
Practical training: 22.50 hours



Experience and Equivalency Class 1 MELT $4,000 + GST 

Air Brake (if needed) $210 + GST

Road test and written exam will be paid by the driver to Alberta Registries

Safety Buzz Campus can provide a truck for the road test at a cost of $145/hr
Additional costs may apply if driver requires more in-yard or practical training time


Subject to funding availability, there may be support and training opportunities available through the
Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG)
* Must meet eligibility requirements.
The CAJG helps employers who are not in the public sector. Funding can be used to help with truck/bus driver training when the trainee is unemployed, or when training is incremental, such as when an individual is moving to a different role in the organization.
Training must be provided by a third-party.


Step 3.

Pass driver knowledge test

Once you complete the MELT program,
our instructors will work with you to book the
at an
Alberta Registry Agent.


Pass a vision test

Alberta Registry Agent
Will test your vision to see if your vision is good enough to drive.


A completed
Driver's Medical Report Form
Will be required for class 1 licences prior to road test. 
Step 4.

Schedule road test

We will work with you to schedule a

Class 1 Driver's Road Test

Testing will begin in the Safety Buzz Campus yard.
Safety Buzz Campus can provide a vehicle at the cost of $145/hr for the road test that meets all legal requirements.
Prior to your road test, you must go to any Alberta Registry Agent to confirm your eligibility and identity. This should be done up to 72 hours in advance of your scheduled test.  We will provide you with a form to bring.


Step 5.

Pass road test

You must pass the pre-trip inspection and the driver’s road test.  


Step 6.

Go to the registry agent

Once you have passed the pre-trip inspection and road test, receive your Class 1 driver’s licence at any

Alberta Registry Agent



For more information, go to the
Upgrade to a commercial

licence page.




Government of Alberta Class 1
E&E Requirements