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Q-Endorsed Air Brakes


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Are you driving that big motorcoach, a bus, grain truck, or any other vehicle that has airbrakes? 

In many situations and jurisdictions, you will need your Q-Endorced Air Brakes Course.  We have our Air Brakes board inspected and ready to go.  Whether you need your airbrakes course or want to take the course to learn more and ensure you can safely operate and vehicle with airbrakes, we are excited to help you out!  There are a wide variety of training options times available.  We will have weekday, weekend and even some evening courses available.

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There are many grant programs available for employers looking to upgrade their employees or train new ones such as the Canada Alberta Job Grant, the Alberta Jobs Now Program, and the Driving Back to Work Grants Program. 

We can help you find a program that fits you and your teams’ needs.


Q-Endorsed Air Brakes:

What You Need To Know


Class 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 drivers must complete an approved air brake course to get a Q endorsement on their driver’s licence to operate a vehicle equipped with air brakes.

To get a Class 1 driver’s licence, you must first complete the air brake endorsement.

Air brakes work by initiating air pressure at an engine-driven compressor and transmitting the pressure through hoses, reservoirs and control valves to the vehicle’s foundation brakes.


Step 1.

Complete classroom training

You must participate in a classroom training session delivered by F&S Safety Buzz Ltd AKA Safety Buzz Campus

The classroom session is a minimum of 6.5 hours.
Cost is $220.00 + GST


Step 2.

Complete practical training

Once you complete the classroom training, you must participate in the practical training session.

The session includes a 15-minute instructor demonstration followed by practicing the air brake pre-trip inspection twice.


Step 3.

Pass practical assessment

The practical assessment is conducted in a one-on-one setting using the Air Brake Practical Test form and must be completed within the 15-minute time limit.

Only one practical re-assessment is allowed before additional training is required.
The re-assessment must be conducted on a different day.
Safety Buzz Campus and the student will determine additional training requirements.
Once you pass the practical assessment, you will be issued a Notice of Air Brake Program Completion form.


Step 4.

Pass knowledge test

Bring the Notice of Air Brake Program Completion forms to any Alberta registry agent to take the driver knowledge test. A government fee and a service charge will apply.

The knowledge test is conducted electronically and is available in English only.
Paper and translated tests are not available.
The knowledge test consists of 30 multiple choice questions. 25 questions must be answered correctly to pass the test. The test will automatically end if 6 questions are answered incorrectly.
There is no time limit on the knowledge test or the number of times it can be taken.
Retests must be conducted on a different day.
If you pass the knowledge test, the registry agent will add the Q endorsement to your driver’s licence. The Q endorsement will appear on your driver’s licence card.
There is no renewal requirement for the Q endorsement.
A practical road test is not required to get the Q endorsement.
To learn more



Government of Alberta Air Brake

Program Requirements



Q Endorsed Air Brakes