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    Dunmmore, AB Servicing SE AB & SW SK 

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The Safety Buzz campus Team

Owners: Amy Zuk-Olsen & Sheldon Olsen


Amy Zuk-Olsen

Title: Owner, Facilitator, John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach
Phone: (403) 526-8400
Amy started Safety Buzz in 2004 with the idea of having people see safety from a new perspective. Her idea was to bring fun to safety and the classroom. She has certainly accomplished this!

Amy started Safety Buzz as a one woman show. She expanded the company to 3 locations and mentored many team members over the years.

Amy now resides in Dunmore with her family. Along with her husband Sheldon, Amy owns and trains at the Safety Buzz Campus in Dunmore. Amy is passionate about the company safety and instructing. So much actually that she decided to become a certified leadership speaker, trainer & coach through the John Maxwell Team.

Amy is extremely proud of the company achievements which include a lot of community involvement and awards such as the 2020 MHD Chamber Award of Excellence and Business Ethics, 2019 Alberta Awards of Distinction nominee, 2018 Chamber Award for Small Business of the Year and Marketing and Action Coach CEO of the year.

Keep your eye on Amy to see what is happening next!

Sheldon Olsen

Title: Co-Owner & Facilitator
Phone: (403) 526-8400
Cell: (403) 928-4141
Sheldon is the Buzz glue! This is two fold. He makes sure our team sticks together and he also is a handyman around the
Campus. You can find Sheldon cracking jokes with the team, in his office analysing numbers thinking of ways to improve on systems and in the classroom.

Sheldon came on as a partner of Safety Buzz in 2011. He took the place of COO and soon overcame his fears and began instructing. Sit in one of Sheldon's courses & you would never know he was reluctant to teach as he is a natural instructor! Sheldon is humerous, clear and consise and takes the time to ensure everyone understands the safety material. Sheldon's past work as a manager & operator at CCS/Tervita as well as other oil & gas/construction related work positions set Sheldon up well with tons of practical experience to compliment his courses.

Sheldon has lived in Medicine Hat since 2010. Sheldon loves the outdoors and spends tons of time with his family enjoying sports and recreational activities. Sheldon is a real family man, spending time with his wife and 3 boys and his extended family as much as possible. On his offtime Sheldon is often found tinkering in the garage, backyard or improving things at the Campus.

What would we do without Sheldon??

Jaime Lucas Cameron

Title: Instructor
Phone: (403) 526-8400
Jaime has been with the Buzz team from just about the beginning. This gal gets amazing comments on her first aid training! She is bubbly and fun and can liven up a crowd like no other! Jaime has a ton of first aid knowledge and real life experience being a first aid instructor for nearly 15 years. She has gained so much from teaching people in all walks of life.

Jaime was born and raised in Irvine and calls Medicine Hat her home. She has two boys that she says are growing way to fast! This newly wed enjoys her family time and getting to know new family :). She boast that she is now a grandma.

Everyone loves Jaime! She brings spice to the Buzz team and everyone who walks in the doors. If you want a joke, or a sarcastic comment LOL chat with Jaime. You will have lot's of fun when you get talking to her.

Kelly Neigum

Title: Administration AKA Jack of All Trades
Phone: (403) 526-8400
Kelly is our main girl heading up the administrative team! She a jack of all trades. You have a task for her, you know it will get done! She is so quick and efficient. Kelly has perfect administative experience under her belt and can pick up anything in a heart beat. Kelly is loyal, a hard worker and such an asset.

Kelly lives with her family of 9 in Schluer, AB. She recently made the move to have a little piece of serenity with it's own lake and lots of room for all their animals. You can find Kelly with her kids most places that horses and 4H are involved including rodeos all over the province and beyond. This is one busy lady!

Kelly is an awesome gal and an essential asset to the Buzz team! We will make sure this is Kelly's career until retirement ;).

Ron Pennington

Title: Corporate Development
Phone: (403) 526-8400
Cell: (587) 253-2020
Ron has done wonders for the Safety Buzz Campus. He has worked with the company to develop & train the team on enhanced workflow systems, corporate development strategies to expand the business and so much more. Ron loves to dig into numbers, build forecasts and analyze trends.

Ron comes to the Safety Buzz Campus with many years of executive and business ownership experience and now works as an advisor and coach with various organizations from around the world. Ron has utilized his broad knowledge base to work with us to get our Commercial Driving School off the ground as well as achieve available grants and researching other ways the Buzz Campus can spread its brand. Marketing is another strength Ron has brought to the table, coordinating with the team to develop strategies to target clients on all the services the Campus has to offer and how training can be combined to offer a customized work-ready experience.

Ron is passionate about traveling and has been all over the world for both work and pleasure. He loves building spreadsheets over a glass of red wine. Ron is all about giving back to the community, especially when it involves bettering our future generations. Ron is the president of Safety City Medicine Hat as well as donating time to the Gas City Kiwanis Club and its numerous projects. Thanks, Ron for all you do to elevate the Buzz Campus to levels we never imagined.

Cory Aberle

Title: Business Development AKA Buzz Ambassador
Phone: (403) 529-7741
Cory is a Medicine Hat farm boy. Cory is a family man and loves his community. You can find him playing sports with his kids, as a volunteer fire chief at Irvine and part of Search and Rescue.

Cory has past experience with both business development and safety! This makes Cory a perfect fit for a Business Development manager with the Buzz Campus. Cory has superb relationship building qualities and is someone you will surely enjoy working with!

Cory keeps the Buzz Campus fun and posititive. If you haven't spoken or met with Cory yet, what are you waiting for. Stop by for a coffee or vitual meeting anytime!

Shannon Giesbrecht

Title: Finance
Phone: (403) 526-8400
Shannon joined our team to help out the front end staff with data entry.  We soon realized she was far more valuable.  Her skill set is large!  Shannon started working on some marketing and now has started assisting with bookkeeping (she spilled the beans telling us bookkeeping was in her repertiore). She has got a things down to a T and accurately keeps track of AR & AP.

Shannon lives in Medicine Hat with her husband and children.  She enjoys cooking, camping, reading and hanging with the kids.  Her kids keep her hoping with sports.  

Shannon loves to learn and is quick to help!  She is an integral addition to the Buzz team and is ensuring the $ are flowing smoothly!

Richard Gale

Title: Instructor and Marketing Ninja
Phone: (403) 526-8400
Richard is so versatile & eager to learn!
Gale started with the Buzz on a technical role. We were quick to realize he would be great as a bigger part of the team which brought him to instruct and assist with marketing.

Richard, having been born in Medicine Hat, yet raised in his teens in Fort McMurray. Richard is a world traveler, moving to Southwest, England to play Rugby at 20, later working in a Michelin Starred restaurant as a Chef.

Richard first started construction, hydro-vac and later working throughout Alberta as a scaffolder in pulp mills, refineries/upgraders & MOD Yards.
He has worked at all kinds of heights with people of all walks of life. He worked his way up the ranks and always held safety as a key part of everything he did.

With his extensive industrial experience, Richard has taken on instructing all the Safety Buzz Campus Certified courses including Fall Protection, Confined Space, Forklift, Skidsteer, Elevated Work Platform as well as Red Cross First Aid.

Check out one of his classes to experience his engaging, practical approach to teaching.

He is great at reading his class and makes sure everyone gets the outcome they need. Richard is also very skilled when it comes to marketing. He has elevated our website, social media and is developing new digital strategies to communicate with our clients.

When you need help, Richard is always there!

We love Richards’s large outside-the-box ideas and his vision!

Jenessa Pope

Title: Commercial Truck Driver Trainer
Phone: (403) 526-8400
Jenessa has come to the Safety Buzz Campus to help set up, organize and instruct in our
Commercial Truck Driver Training School. She has put in a ton of time and effort to coordinate and prepare to get the school started!

In addition to being a wonderful mom, Jenessa put’s her heart and soul into her work. Early in life she decided to take a path less traveled by most women. Jenessa has been in careers involving truck driving, bus driving, safety and heavy equipment. Wow, how cool is this! We are delighted to have Jenessa as a driving instructor! She is thorough, patient and a great instructor for men and women alike.

You can look forward to seeing Jenessa instructing Class 1 & 3 training as well as coordinating with you to plan your driving career. Her knowledge in the subject area is exceptional. Jenessa is a team player and has so many valuable suggestions and ideas on how to elevate the Buzz Campus!

Jenessa is very hands on at work and home. She get’s her hands dirty doing indoor and outdoor things around the house. Finding outdoor adventures walking and hiking is one of her favorite things. Jenessa loves to give back and volunteer her time in the community. Jenessa has been a perfect fit since day 1!

Chandra Weiss

Title: Administration
Phone: (403) 526-8400
Chandra has stepped into an administrative role to assist with high office demand to provide flexible options to enhance our office capabilities with new projects coming onboard. This lady has wonderful administrative talents that fit well with our team. She is adaptable and quick to learn which is great as there is always something new happening at the Safety Buzz Campus.

Chandra was born and raised just off the 120 around the Cypress Packers (which now is the Prairie Gleaners). She and her husband have a Black Angus cattle ranch just a few miles from the campus down the Eagle Butte Rd. Chandra says the outdooors and her yard are therapy, which sounds so calming. Farming is more than a full time gig but Chandra still finds time to get away with her daughter. Tofino is one of her favorite places to travel.

Make sure to say hi to Chandra next time you call! You will most likely catch her pleasant voice in the afternoons. It's wonderful to have Chandra as part of the Buzz team!

Cam Harvie

Title: Air Trailer Specialist, Instructor
Phone: (403) 526-8400
Cam comes to us with wealth of knowledge and experience. Cam was born and raised around Bonnyville, AB growing up in the heart of the oilfield. He began his career working at an excavation company. He expanded his experience working with well servicing which brought him to Brooks, AB. He enjoyed the area so much that he decided to stay. Cam worked his way up the ranks to manager which expanded to a role in safety.

Cam is such an awesome, versatile addition to the Buzz Campus team. He approached us as a first aid instructor. His career at the Campus quickly expanded to instructing our in-house safety and equipment courses & ESC H2S to becoming one of our primary Air Trailer Specialists and part of our Safety Management team. Cam receive glowing reviews in whatever role he plays with the Safety Buzz Campus team!

In his spare time, Cam enjoys riding his motorcycle and golfing. He is always willing to lend a hand and is a great pleasure to have around.

Bob Ross

Title: Class 1, 3 & Air Brakes Instructor
Phone: (403) 526-8400
Bob is a man of many talents. He grew up in the Empress area where he farmed and worked at Dome Petroleum. Bob decided he was ready for a change of careers and became a police officer. Upon early retirement he decided he was not actually ready to retire and jumped back into work at Schlumberger where he helped with their driver training program as well as instructing Police Science and Criminology at the Medicine Hat College. Most recently he worked with F&S Safety Services as a driver trainer. Bob is so excited to come back out of retirement to be a Class 1, 3 & Air Brakes instructor again with the Buzz team. We are excited to say Bob scored 100% on his Air Brakes refresher exam and we are sure he will do the same for his Driver Training!

Bob is a family man and loves nothing more than spending time with his grandkids. He has a seasonal lot at Cavan Lake where he loves to camp, fish, canoe and just enjoy the great outdoors. Every summer his family also takes advantage of pulling the RV over to Calgary and enjoying a couple weeks at Calaway Park.

Bob is a super addition to the team! He has a lot of information to share and will bring a patient, knowledgable experience to all the drivers he gets the pleasure of working with.

Garry Runions

Title: Instructor
Phone: (403) 526-8400
Garry has instructed for many years.
He is a wealth of information not only a great instructor, he has a knack for building courses. At his peak he would teach over 22 different courses.

Garry's background is varied and due to his extensive background in positions of maintenance, operations, instructor, safety, and purchasing departments within the construction, petrochemical, straddle plant, sour gas processing, oil pipeline and gas-gathering infrastructure.
"These are assets to my training position due to relating to a varied clientele. Additionally, having an active Third-Class Power Engineering Certification gives me extensive knowledge in equipment installation, design and construction."

"I am not just an instructor teaching material, I have a background that the students can relate to. Having Dale Carnegie training has provided me with the tools to interact and to provide exceptional customer service working with co-workers and clients in the field/office to ensure overall satisfaction."

Garry is a traveler at heart and loves to explore the world. It's always fun to watch his adventures over social media.

We truly enjoy having Garry around.

He's an asset and great friend of the Buzz Team!

Michele Cavanaugh

Title: Safety Specialist
Phone: (403) 526-8400
Michele is a gem in our safety management division. She shines when it comes to creating and revising safety documents. She can take a look at a safety manual and morph it into something that is more relevant, functional and easy to use.

Michele learned she loved safety by sitting on the Safety Committee at Davis GMC. It was there she began building policies, procedures and elevating the safety culture of the organization.

Michele loves family, and spends as much time with her kids as possible. She also loves spending time outside with her plants and working as a professional painter.

Eugene Erick

Title: Safety Specialist
Phone: (403) 526-8400
Eugene is our safety Yota! We are pretty sure he can recite a good part of Occupational Health and Safety by heart! Eugene has held a long standing safety career in the military and with the school division. We are so fortunate to have his knowledge as part of our Safety Management team!

Although Eugene is retired...so he says, he is a very busy man. This professional photographer has been seen using his Trigger Shots in the rodeo and sports scenes. Eugene loves travelling and has great stories from around the world.

When you have the tough safety questions, chances are we will be picking Eugene's brain! He is such an asset on our team!

Brian Tkach

Title: Air Trailer & Safety Specialist
Phone: (403) 526-8400
Brian joined the Safety Buzz Campus team as a Safety Specialist. With his wealth of field experience and great relational personality, we quickly realized Brian would also be the perfect addition to the Air Trailer team.

Brian is a hands on guy and dabbles in many things. Brian's company does a variety of oilfield site maintenance services. In the past, Brian worked with oil and gas service companies and was no stranger to working around air trailers. With minimal training, running the air trailer was like second nature for Brian.

We know when we send Brian to the field, we will be receiving positive feedback. He knows just about everyone in the field and gets along great with all of them! With Brian's keen sense of safety, he is a perfect part of the Buzz team!

Lou Harmer

Title: First Aid & Babysitter Instructor
Phone: (403) 526-8400
Lou love's training first aid and babysitting courses. She has great real life examples to use that always make class fun. Lou is to the point and gets you in with the information you need, and then get's you out. She is great with the kiddos that come for training and prepares them for their babysitting careers!

Lou is an avid seamstress and has sewn ton's of things for HALO as well as our first aid manequins. Lou works with Super T Aviation and has transformed their inventory control.

We love Lou and her accent!

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