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The Safety Buzz campus Team

Owners: Amy Zuk-Olsen & Sheldon Olsen

Left to Right: Richard, Bob, Jenessa, Dallas, Cory, Shannon, Kelly, Chandra, Garry, Ron, Cam

Bottom: Amy, Jaime, Sheldon

Right to Left: Jaime, Jenessa, Shannon, Karen, Kelly, Cory, Dallas, Ron, Amy, Sheldon, Richard



Cory Aberle

Cory Aberle

Title: Business Development AKA Buzz Ambassador
Phone: (403) 529-7741
Cory is a Medicine Hat farm boy. Cory is a family man and loves his community. You can find him playing sports with his kids, as a volunteer fire chief at Irvine and part of Search and Rescue.

Cory has past experience with both business development and safety! This makes Cory a perfect fit for a Business Development manager with the Buzz Campus. Cory has superb relationship building qualities and is someone you will surely enjoy working with!

-> What does Safety Management & Fractional Safety Mean to you as an NCSO?
Safety management for an NCSO is the ability to guide and direct a safety program and provide a safe working culture for everyone. You get to shape and provide the groundwork needed to get everyone home at the end of the day safely which is the ultimate goal. With positive coaching you can change behaviours, culture and mindsets. Safety first.

Cory keeps the Buzz Campus fun and posititive. If you haven't spoken or met with Cory yet, what are you waiting for. Stop by for a coffee or vitual meeting anytime!
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