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    Dunmmore, AB Servicing SE AB & SW SK 

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The Safety Buzz campus Team

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Jenessa Pope

Jenessa Pope

Title: Commercial Truck Driver Trainer
Phone: (403) 526-8400
Jenessa has come to the Safety Buzz Campus to help set up, organize and instruct in our
Commercial Truck Driver Training School. She has put in a ton of time and effort to coordinate and prepare to get the school started!

In addition to being a wonderful mom, Jenessa put’s her heart and soul into her work. Early in life she decided to take a path less traveled by most women. Jenessa has been in careers involving truck driving, bus driving, safety and heavy equipment. Wow, how cool is this! We are delighted to have Jenessa as a driving instructor! She is thorough, patient and a great instructor for men and women alike.

You can look forward to seeing Jenessa instructing Class 1 & 3 training as well as coordinating with you to plan your driving career. Her knowledge in the subject area is exceptional. Jenessa is a team player and has so many valuable suggestions and ideas on how to elevate the Buzz Campus!

Jenessa is very hands on at work and home. She get’s her hands dirty doing indoor and outdoor things around the house. Finding outdoor adventures walking and hiking is one of her favorite things. Jenessa loves to give back and volunteer her time in the community. Jenessa has been a perfect fit since day 1!
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