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    Dunmmore, AB Servicing SE AB & SW SK 

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Breathing Air Trailer & H2s Services

    Safety Buzz Campus is proudly offering Supplied Breathing Air Trailer.

For more information or to receive an estimate contact
or call 403-526-8400
24 Hour Contact 403-529-7741.
  As your safety training authority for over a decade,
we are excited to expand our offerings!!!

     We have 2 supplied air trailer attendants on staff with diverse Air Trailer/H2S Specialist experience including drilling & well servicing, abandoned wells, plant turnarounds and field services.

    You can rest assured our Air Trailer Attendant & Safety Watch personnel will be well trained with the Safety Buzz Campus quality you have trusted over the years.  Our Supplied Breathing Air Trailer is well maintained, clean, and follow an impeccable safety standard.

Supplied Air Trailer contains:

  • 3000 cu. ft. of compressed breathing air.
  • 2 – thirty minute SCBA's.
  • 4-6 SABA escape packs.
  • High pressure regulator.
  • 2 – 150′ 3/8″ approved breathing hoses.
  • 125′ 1/4″ approved breathing hose.
  • 6– 50′ 1/4″ approved breathing hoses.
  • Low pressure manifold.
  • Briefing area and H2S warning signs.
  • RAE detector tube device.
  • Folding stretcher.
  • Complete horizontal rescue package with harness, lanyard, winch and rescue line.
  • Wind sock with pole.
  • 20lb fire extinguisher.
  • Complete cleaning kit.

We look forward to working with you and your team to elevate site safety!

Your's in Safety, the Safety Buzz Campus Team

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