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Wondering How To get Started Commercial Truck Driving as a Professional Career...???

Class 1 & Class 3 Driver Training MELT E&E


Safety Buzz Campus has a solution for you!!!


Safety Buzz Campus has 3 awesome driving instructors! 

Dallas Duncan is our Senior Driving Instructor.  He will be instructing all levels of driver training & Air Brakes. 

All you ladies out there, we have Jenessa Pope as our second driving instructor.  She will be instructing class 3 (with the automatic truck) and Class 1 MELT and Class 1 E&E. 

Bob Ross is our third instructor and will be instructing Class 3, Class 1 and Air Brakes. 
We are an equal opportunity employer and are so excited to have instructors with diverse driving experience and characteristics.


Class 1 Experience and Equivalency


Class 1 MELT


Class 3


Are you looking to get into truck driver training? 

Safety Buzz Campus is now offering Driver Training: Class 1 MELT, Class 1 MELT Experience and Equivalency (E&E), Class 3 and Q-Endorsemensed Air Brake.


How to save time and money as a new driver:  


Come take your class 3 training with us.  This could take a few short hours to a few days depending on your experience level. Our driving school has immediate availability for you to work towards operating a 3 or 4 axle truck such as tandem or triaxle.


Already have your Class 3 and 2 years of training experience?


You could be eligible to take your Class 1 Experience and Equivalency. This will save you time and money $$.  Learn more Class 1 E&E


Class 1 MELT


To keep up with the heavy demand of truck drivers needed, Safety Buzz Campus is offering a Class 1 MELT program approximately once every 4-5 weeks.  Learn more on this program Class 1




Government Grants & Applications Below:


Canada Alberta Job Grant


Driving Back to Work Grant


>>Experience and Equivalency
Class 1 Mandatory Entry-Level
Training Application<<
*Please note, grants are not guaranteed and must be applied for by the client. 
Application approval time frames vary.  The Safety Buzz Campus team will do our best to assist you in the application process.


Where we are Located...


Book with Dallas , Jenessa or Bob 


24 Hour Contact: Dallas