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Safety services we provide:

Safety Specialists to manage your small businesses safety!!!

Safety Program Development & Maintenance

Safety Consultation

On Site Safety Supervision

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection

Comply Works

OH&S Compliance

DOWNLOAD Alberta OH&S Manual Here!!!


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Safety Buzz Campus safety programs,

designed & tailored to achieve OH&S compliance,

in all industries you work!!!


     Focusing on health and safety demonstrates that you are committed to your organization and to workplace safety, therefore enhancing your reputation as a responsible employer.

     Reduction in workplace accidents will result in fewer injuries, lost time, and cost savings from fines/ increased WCB rates. A safe workplace and culture will increase productivity, profit, employee satisfaction, generate positive PR for your business but most importantly protect your staff.

     We at Safety Buzz Campus are here to assist you with your safety program from the ground up or tailoring it to meet current OH&S legislation. Our safety professionals can preform a walk through of your workplace to identify hazards, set up your health and safety committee by safe operating procedures, conduct safety meetings, perform safety audits, as well as producing or revising safety manuals.

     We have simplified your safety needs by putting them into monthly service subscriptions. These programs will keep you on top of the game with your safety programs and ensure compliance in the work place.




I am very pleased to hear that Safety Buzz has been nominated as the 2016 Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year in the category of Business Ethics. I cannot think of a company better suited to receive this award!

"As soon as Safety Buzz opened in Medicine Hat, our working relationship began. The city needed a new training provider, and our company was looking for a provider to customize programs for us."

The staff at Safety Buzz approached my place of work to tell us they had moved into the neighborhood and can offer services that we required. It didn’t take long and Safety Buzz became part of our workplace family, and did what it takes to learn what our business was about and what it required.

"IN my opinion Safety Buzz has changed the face of Industrial Safety Training in this city and has become a favorite of workers and employers!"

This is how I believe Safety Buzz meets the BBB’s Eight Standards of Trust:
Once we established a working relationship with Amy and Safety Buzz,
we provided them with several large confidential texts and binders detailing our company’s policies, standards and procedures that we wanted represented in our company’s training program that they were providing."
"Without a doubt we trusted that Safety Buzz would keep our company’s confidential information private and secure and protect it from our competitors who also use their services. "
"Amy and her staff took the time to go through our company’s information and build specific training courses for our employees. We trusted that Amy and her instructors would train our employees on our specific standards on our behalf. This is not something that you will find at other training providers."
"Safety Buzz has built a reputation as being a friendly,
fun, knowledgeable and inviting place to receive training and our worker’s enjoy going there."

"Industrial Safety training had a reputation of being boring and not something guys would want to miss work for, but when Safety Buzz opened up in Medicine Hat, it completely changed our guys attitudes towards training days. Our guys enjoy going there, the staff is friendly and keeps the training fun and fresh, and at the same time informative and professional."

I truly believe that once workers receive training at Safety Buzz,
their minds are changed and they don’t mind going for training anymore! Our workers are on a first name basis with the staff at Safety Buzz and they leave there feeling good. In addition, Safety Buzz has gone above and beyond by developing training programs specific to the customer.

Safety Buzz has delivered on its promises to provide excellent training to our specific needs, create a fun and interactive environment, maintaining high standards of customer support and constantly keeping up with the changing environments of the industries.

Amy and the staff at Safety Buzz stay in touch regularly with their clients. It builds a working relationship that you can trust. Amy visits regularly and makes sure we are taken care of and to see if there’s anything she can do. Her and her staff go above and beyond to keep the customers happy. I know if I have any industry safety related questions I can go to Safety Buzz and get the help I need.

Good luck Amy, Safety Buzz truly does deserve this award!


Marci Marshall
Calfrac Well Services Ltd.