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Skid Steer Training -->


  • Skid Steer capabilities
  • All-Wheel Steer features
  • Compact Track Loader features
  • Advanced Control System (ACS) option
  • Practical assessment


  • How weight distribution affects skid-steer loader stability and steering.
  • Understand the difference between Tipping Load and Rated Operating Capacity
  • Understanding of the Loader reactions when using the hydrostatic transmission
  • Important factors of maintenance for safe, efficient, and productive operation
  • Identify the controls and their functions
  • Identify the loaders safety features and their importance
  • Explain the safe entry and exit of the loader
  • Explain procedures for changing attachments
  • Know the fundamentals of safe and efficient maneuvering & working with the attachments


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Anthony Zorn with Borea Construction

Use of a Skidsteer & benefits to the worker in the Construction of Solar Farms in Southeastern Alberta Region.
"Brooks Solar is a 17-MW solar project located adjacent to the TransCanada Highway in Brooks, Alberta. Using over 48,000 high-efficiency solar modules, and nearly 3,000 tables of fixed racking system it is currently the largest utility scale solar plant in Alberta. Borea was responsible for the full Engineering, Procurement and Construction scope.
The design incorporated a unique foundation system to mitigate frost heave in the clay-based soils while maintaining production rates. The 78 acre site was transected by five different utilities and their respective right of ways reducing the useable area to 50 acres. Despite the challenges, Borea was still able to deliver the required wattage by creative design and layout."
from Borea Construction Website


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